We offer assistance from a group’s beginning by guiding them through the formation process and also help established organizations through restructuring and addressing issues with organizational dynamics, including strategic planning, conflict resolution, church building and church growth. We also offering individual and group counseling for leadership development and coaching leadership skills. 



All of our services offer clients the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and organizational structure in a message compatible with their statement of faith. We meet with you prior to any engagement to tailor our services to your unique needs and goals.


Our one-on-one service address specific needs of your organization. Our focus is on strengthening your organizational leadership structure to respond to your mission and calling.

• New ministries: GSI guides you through the formation process and assists you in obtaining legal and financial representation, if necessary. Startup clients and existing clients receive consultation on organizational structure.  

• Existing organizations: GSI offers services to respond to your current state of growth, transition or conflict areas. A GSI staff member closely partners with your organization and works with every aspect of your ministry to gain insight and understanding of your specific needs. After thorough observation and assessment, GSI will identify areas of strengths that can improve your growth and ministry potential and designs a program to increase your organization’s effectiveness in serving the Kingdom. Where conflict resolution is necessary, parties will be proactively engaged to improve the culture. 

Together with the clients, GSI offers visioning consulting and develops strategic plans.


Workshops and Lectures sessions consist of several discussions that are offered alone or in combination with each other depending on the length of the engagement. The courses include:

• Leadership: Style and Substance
• Essentials of Conflict Resolution
• It’s Not About Control: Leading Volunteers and Following Leaders
• Systems Thinking: Connecting the Dots
• Biblical Leadership – Is it Possible?

Each engagement is tailored to the hosting organization’s leadership and structural needs.  These sessions include an initial consultation to assess the organization’s goals. Each session is one to one-half hours long and incorporates hands on training that imparts not only theory but also practical applications. The sessions can be combined to offer a day long program or be held individually. These sessions are designed so that they may be utilized during church renewal initiatives.